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Hey there 👋!, I'm German (not the country, neither the noun), a software developer passionate about complex systems and how computers break.

Lastly I've been working at the web3 ecosystem, finding joy pushing the boundaries of novel technologies. I believe they're many cases where blockchains could solve many of our daily issues (I'm looking at you, traditional banks).

Among my previous work, I've helped building (opens in a new tab), -which is quite similar to Vercel, but with a web3ish aggregator, it runs with IPFS under the hood (remember bit torrent?)-

I find joy doing backend stuff, but I really thrive crafting hacky things and finding my way around problems. Building meaningful stuff for people to use is among the best feelings I've had!.

tldr; I like computers, and sharing knowledge and stories about them.

got a good story ? or just want to get in touch ? feel free to email me at